Frequently Asked Questions

Is Club Thrive an adult day care?

No. Club Thrive is a one of a kind Senior Activity Center and is not licensed by the State to provide care services. We do not provide any health care services. The Club is a recreation center where our members engage in a series of planned, large group activities as they enjoy socializing with other seniors from the community. Our activity program is designed to cure boredom and keep seniors active cognitively, physically, creatively, and socially so that they can have fun, enjoy life, and be as strong as they can be.

If your senior prefers a more relaxed atmosphere or has needs beyond our scope, we are happy to talk with you about our award-winning licensed Adult Day Care, Aiken Active Seniors.

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Who can join?

Club Thrive is designed especially for seniors who are experiencing some age-related changes that have caused to them become bored or inactive. They may be also seeking friendship and meaningful relationships with other seniors because they have become socially isolated. Seniors who are experiencing some cognitive concerns or those who are dealing with physical changes in strength or mobility are also encouraged to join. Some seniors may choose membership simply because they want to be proactive about their wellness and prefer to have someone else plan their activities for them.

Because of the nature of our program, there are some guidelines for membership that we must follow to ensure the safety, happiness, and well-being of all of our members. We prefer to discuss your family's circumstance in person, but here are some general guidelines for membership to help you determine if your family member would be successful in and enjoy our program:

Members should be able to participate in and enjoy large group activities without consistent one-on-one staff assistance.
Members should usually be able to transfer from a seated position with little or no assistance.
Members should be able to use the restroom and manage any incontinence issues independently.
Members should be independently mobile or use assistive devices without consistent help from others.
Members should not require assistance with medications while at the Club.
Members should be medically stable and not require any on-site nursing interventions, therapies, or special diets.
Members should have behavior that is conducive to a social atmosphere.
Members should be willing and able to remain at the Club for the entirety of the schedule they have chosen.


If you think your family member may not be best suited for Club Thrive membership, let's talk about how Aiken Active Seniors can be a great alternative to keeping your senior active, happy, and strong.

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What kind of activities do you offer?

Each day offers a unique combination of structured activities that are based on thoroughly researched, science-based principles that have been shown to help seniors become as strong as they can be cognitively, physically, creatively, and socially. Every detail of the program is carefully planned. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the fun activities our members are enjoying can help them be happier and healthier. Because we have done all of the planning, our members don't have to do anything except join, engage, and Thrive. We are happy to share more details with you during a tour. Schedule your tour here.

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How much does it cost?

We offer a variety of affordable membership plans to accommodate your family's budget and we look forward to discussing them with you during your tour. Together we will find the plan that best meets your family's needs. No matter which plan your family chooses, we are certain you will find that membership is a priceless investment in your senior's happiness and well-being.

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Does Medicare pay for membership?

No. Unfortunately, most insurance and government programs are designed to pay for services that are provided in response to health problems that have already occurred. Club Thrive Senior Activity Center is designed to help seniors stay strong so that costly and life-altering cognitive and physical changes can be diminished and even prevented. For that reason, membership is paid for privately by families who want their senior to age happily and successfully and need a little help to ensure they do.

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How often can members attend?

Research proves that in order to age successfully, seniors must consistently socialize with peers, remain physically active, and engage their brain appropriately. To help families ensure their senior is meeting those needs, we are open Monday - Friday and offer a unique program every day. Seniors are encouraged to choose the membership plan that fits with their current activity schedule so that they are meeting those critical needs daily. We will help you pick the attendance option that fits your family's lifestyle and meets your senior's needs as we get to know each other better during your tour.

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